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Cutting-edge solutions that are cost effective and time efficient.

My name is Robert Lopez, and I'm a one person shop. By default, I am the Principal Consultant at Knife Consulting. I have over 25 years experience in Software Development, IT Operations, and Corporate Training. More specifically, my expertise is process design and program/project management in these fields. I also handle instructional design, training delivery, technical writing/editing, evaluation, and event management. 

Why would you want to deal with a one person shop? This cuts out layers of process and cost overhead. I work quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

I worked at Microsoft for many years; my biggest claims to fame "back in the day" included helping to launch Expedia, Slate, and MSNBC.  Then I (briefly) ran the internal technical training organization. After that, I started my own corporate training company. More recently, I've spent time honing my craft as an ultrarunner. I am very active in running communities nationwide, and I've worked for different organizations across 8 states helping them put on quality races and other events. I design and manage mobile-friendly event websites through my company Pretzel Runner LLC

I have a Master of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M as well as a Master of Education in Adult Education and Training from Seattle University. Full curriculum vitae/background available upon request. 

Although I'm able to get great word play out of "Knife", the origin of the name is simple: it is my girlfriend's last name. It's a lot more memorable than calling my business Lopez Consulting.

Knife Consulting is...

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